Rug Cleaning

Freshen Up Your Floor.

Each and every day, rugs and carpets collect dirt, dust, and contaminants from your shoes, clothes and pets. Over time, this buildup of debris weighs down your rug, wears on the fibers, and starts showing use. To keep your area rugs fresh, it is recommended to get them professionally cleaned every 1-2 years.

We clean area rugs with the same care and skill that we use to clean your clothing. We will give your rugs the time and attention it takes to refresh and revive their colors, smell, and feel. Area rugs of all shapes, styles, and sizes can be dropped off at any of our area locations or left on your doorstep as a part of our free Crest Concierge service.

Your area rug deserves more than a home remedy that only cleans the surface and poses the risk of damaging or destroying the focal point of your room. Your rug deserves a true clean … an Advanced Clean by Crest.