The Five Advantages of the Ecotech system


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Customer Feedback

"Without fail, Crest has been able to restore every destroyed designer dress and shirt I own to like-new condition."
- Elly

"If you need something STAT, they get it done fast"
- Jessie

"With a busy life, it's really difficult to commit to dropping off and picking up my dry cleaning on a regular basis. I love that Crest has consistent and reliable pick-up and delivery services."
- Susan

"They do a great job. The pickup and delivery has changed my life. I love not having to go get my dry cleaning anymore."
- Jimmy

"Been using them for 14 years. They clean the clothes in-house--no shipping them around town like some places. I don't have problems with my clothes disappearing like other places I have tried."
- Brent

"Crest is very gentle with my clothes and when I go to drop them off (with stains like mine you should), they review the garment with me and notate every stain and even discuss with me how they will treat it. They then review the material and let me know of any risks/dangers (if any) and ask if I want to proceed."
- Elly

"Everyone is so polite and courteous. They are always helpful with any request. The are very knowledgeable about tough stains and how to get them out."
- Marshall

" If you want great customer service and clean clothes, Crest is the way to go."
- Steve

"I've been a long time customer and have nothing but positive experiences having them professionally launder my clothes."
- John

"I don't trust my clothes with anyone else."
- Bob

"They know who I am, they are professional, always friendly and helpful."
- Phil

"I have been using Crest for years and could not be happier. You always see the same smiling faces and they have my clothes ready for me before I walk in the door. The clothes NEVER have a chemical smell to them and always look great."
- Seth

"Their service and support has been outstanding and consistent throughout the years. They always have my cleaning on time and perfect!"
- Kathleen

"My wife and I have used Crest Cleaners forever!  Never a problem, never a late item, always a smile and a "first name" hello!"

"I couldn't ask for more. I hang the bag on the door on Mon/Thurs and it's back the following Thurs/Mon."
- Rachael

" Do yourself a favor and find yourself a good cleaners like Crest. The few dollars you save in cleaning costs can be easily displaced by thousands in damages to your clothing."
- Jason

"Great service, incredibly nice people and a cleaner that respects your clothes. They come back sparkling and with all the buttons and no excuses."
- Dave

"I love the delivery service - it is incredibly convenient and helpful! And where as is the same day service hours so amazing!"
- Stacy

"We feel very spoiled by the good service. The clever laundry bag that also doubles as a garment bag for the cleaned items makes the whole process very easy."
- Carolyn

"I rely on their same day turn around. Hasn't failed me in 17 years!"
- Phillip

"Of all the dry cleaners I have been to in my life, Crest has all the things I've ever wanted. The feeling that I got when I first came here was similar to when I first bought an Ipod and stood in amazement at all the features that I ever wanted on a portable music device."
- Jason

"I'm an "organic" nut and I'm very conscientious about what I eat, what I breathe in, and what I touch, especially when it comes to carcinogenic materials. Perchloroethylene (Perc for short) is the cleaning agent used in almost all dry cleaners. That thing is highly toxic and Crest does not use it. "
- Jason

ecotech system


The Style of a Consultant

Each job has a particular style, whether we like to admit it or not. Some industries are more creative, others more formal, and others require uniforms. Consultants are able to wear a wide variety of clothes, but there are still some tricks to dressing for the job.


  • Break Down Barriers – It is easy to get caught up in what is comfortable for you, but in reality, focusing on what is comfortable for your client is key. If you dress in a casual polo and dark pants to consult a top million dollar company, you will sense the barriers with your client. Break down the barriers. If you are working with ad agencies, tech giants, funky fashion houses and more traditional investment banks and blue chips you must expand the diversity in your wardrobe. Show them that you are connected to them in some way. In short, show your clients the respect they show you by using your service, and whistle to their tune.
  • Dress “One Better” – This tactic is sort of like playing a guessing game. Think about the company you are visiting and dress “one better.” This will even the playing field because the company you are visiting has the superior position or the “home field advantage.” It is important to show that you are in a position of authority. If you are visiting a primarily casual company, wear a casual suit, or dress pants and a button up. If you are visiting a law firm make sure your attire is the best you have to match their level of wardrobe.
  • Stay Approachable – The tactics listed above are great, but it is easy to seem snooty or put off that you find yourself better or more valuable than your client. Remember to always stay approachable. This may come down to a friendly color of tie – pastels are usually a great fit. For women, this can be achieved by having subtle makeup and bright accessories.
  • Show Your Worth – Always keep in mind that your wardrobe is the first thing a client has to “judge your worth.” Take a spin in the mirror and when you first turn around try and imagine what you would think of this person if you did not know them. It is important, at first glance, that your client believes they are getting their money’s worth.
  • Ensure Comfort – This goes back to the long day at a retail store trying on countless pants, shirts, and shoes. If you are not able to sit, walk, or move comfortably in an item of clothing do not get it. This uncomfortable feeling will radiate from you.

Make sure that your professional clothing is treated to have the longest life possible. Crest Advanced Dry Cleaning has same day dry cleaning and uses safe silicone solvent to ensure speedy service that is safe for your clothes.

Summer Suiting for Women

Business women need to worry about their suits, too! However, in the summertime, women are expected to dress it up a little more and add pops of color and sparkle. Last month we talked all about men’s fashion, now it’s time for the ladies:



Navy: Show of your confidence with this bold and definite color. Accent with the traditional pearl necklace or show off your summer style with some yellow earrings.

Charcoal: This color is safe and muted to allow you to show off your true self without the help of clothing. Keep it sleek with white pumps.

Black: As a woman, we all feel comfortable in our forgiving black clothing. Add your favorite color (hot pink, bright yellow, lime green or baby blue) to truly own your black suit this summer.


Sleeves: Although it is summer, it never hurts to stick with the practical sleeve.

Short-Sleeved: Find your favorite short-sleeved silk shirt and put it on under the jacket. This way, later when you are having lunch at your favorite outdoor patio spot you can ditch the jacket and look professional and like a ray of summer sun.


Long story short, prints can be fun to play with but the safest way to go is with a solid color that flatters your skin tone. Should you decide to go with a print we highly recommend sticking to something classic like plaid, stripes or polka dots and save that fun pink flamingo print for your next backyard bbq.

Skirt or Pantsuit

As long as it is sunny and 70 degrees out, wear the skirt suit! Feel comfortable and as girly as you can in the office.


Accessories may be the one thing that turns your normal suit into the ultimate summer get up!

Purse/Bag: Maybe ditch the larger bag and consolidate your items to a cute clutch for your summer days and nights. This will save time when getting off work and heading to the lakeside for a refreshing drink.

Earrings: As mentioned before, use this as an opportunity to pop some bright summer color into your wardrobe without being too overwhelming and unprofessional.

Whatever you decide to wear, remember to enjoy the summer days with lunch on the patio at your favorite spot and drinks at the lake on your Friday after a long week!

Save Staff Time with Dry Cleaning Delivery to the Office

dress to impressAs a manager or office administrator you realize the value in a full eight hour work day and the harm leaving 20 minutes early can have on overall productivity in the workplace. All reasons seem valid; pay rent, pick up kids from school/sports, pick up dry cleaning, getting a car serviced, doctor appointment, hair appointment, etc. But what if you could eliminate one by promoting dry cleaning delivery to the office? With Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners we offer a Crest At Work Program that offers a deliver service to employees of an organization at the employee’s cost.

How to Persuade Your Employees Dry Cleaning Delivery to the Office is Worthwhile:

  1. One less item checked off your “To-Do-List” – Your personal and work schedules are hectic enough. Why not put a bit of the organizing and arranging into someone else’s hands? This service would ask of you to bring your clothes to the office and leave it in the hands of your office administrator/coordinator/manager whom then would take care of the rest. The best part? You will have clean clothes delivered to you at the convenience of your workplace. No hassle trying to rush through traffic to make it to the laundromat before it closes.
  2. No Stress – Your manager or office administrator/coordinator will be in charge of scheduling the service and reminding employees to bring in their dry cleaning. No more losing a personal calendar notification, instead it will be an organized reminder through your business.
  3. It’s a Benefit, Why Not Use It? – Sure, you could still drive to the dry cleaner on Tuesday before work – rushing through traffic to make it by nine – and then come to work early on Wednesday to be able to leave early to pick up your dry cleaning through rush hour traffic. But why? The convenience is given to you, take it!

Once employees are convinced of the convenience of dry cleaning deliver to the office, try implementing other ways to save staff time: plan your day before you start, do your hardest task first, create timelines (even if they are not true), and remember to take your 15 minute breaks to freshen the mind.

How Busy Executive Women Maximize Their Time

women executivesMany woman today try to maintain a regimen that involves staying physically and emotionally fit, managing work life, managing kids’ busy school and sports schedules, attending special events, and making sure the house stays functioning. It is no question if you fall within this organization of individuals that you struggle to maximize your time. The key to this is ensuring that you focus on your time, not your work time or your children’s time, but specifically your individual and limited time for yourself. After some searching we have found a few influential tips from women in the same boat on best practices for maximizing one’s time.

One can easily follow a step-by-step guide on how to manage their time better, but this will do no good until you are able to view time as something you own rather than something that owns you. No matter how busy your life may seem, it is important to remember that you are in control. Designer and entrepreneur, Lauren Conrad, stresses the importance of making time for yourself. This involves setting measurable goals, and keeping a to-do list by your bed to maintain the most efficient and happy you.

After feeling in control of your time and maximizing the easiest way to manage it, then you can find ways to tend to yourself. Creating routines that are self fulfilling may be the best way to ensure that you actually take the time to do this. Designate time right before bed to look after your health and beauty. This can include a relaxing bath with candles and your favorite book to wind down accompanied with a face mask and moisturizing cycle. Do not worry if your day gets a bit crazy and you see this designated time for yourself shrinking. Always make sure, at the very least, to wash your face thoroughly before bed to end the day right. This small treat will send you off to bed well.

The last, and maybe most important tip, is to give into what makes you happy. Maybe this is going to Starbucks every morning for a latte instead of drinking your own homemade brew. This could also be cutting your workout 5 minutes short to go enjoy some time in the sauna. Whatever it may be, actress and mother, Blake Lively, swears to starting and ending her day with the same treat: chocolate. She states that it is good for her morale and is the extra step she takes to love and live her life to the fullest.

No matter how organized and self loving you may be, it can still feel as if you are being pulled in a million different directions. Waking everyone up, getting breakfast on the table, getting yourself ready, dropping everyone off at school and work, getting through your own work day, going to the gym, picking up everyone from school and work, getting supper ready, tidying the house, and making time for yourself before bed is a lot to deal with. Why make it harder by adding your weekly dry cleaner trip to the mix? Sign up for our home delivery program and Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners will be in your neighborhood at your convenience on Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays between 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM. We want your to make the most of your time by letting us take one more item off your to-do list.

Outdoor Living: Summer Cleaning

Summer is the time for entertaining. You’ve worked hard on designing your patio, now make sure that it is spotless for your guests. Here are some of the ways you can tidy up your patio space for the ultimate summer gathering:

Wood Furniture – Wood furniture is lovely to look at and creates a homey/rustic feel. Unfortunately, after hours of scrubbing on your hands and knees it seems the stains and wear and tear are still left. With just 2 tbsp. of powdered oxygen bleach and one gallon of water to scrub on the wood using a brush. Make sure to scrub only in the direction of the wood grain – especially when working on soft woods. Allow the wood to dry completely in the sun before using the furniture. If the wood seems rough you can use a medium-grit sandpaper either by hand or a palm sander. Again, make sure you sand in the direction of the grain. After sanding you will need to seal your furniture – using either resin-based pigmented sealer (to maintain the original wood color) or a clear sealer (to obtain a rustic grey faded color).


Patio Cushions – *Most patio fabrics have been treated with special coating to protect from UV rays and water – please check tags before using any techniques listed below.* If cleaning instructions are not listed you can usually get by using a solution of 1 tsp. Mild dish soap, 1 tsp Borax and 1 quart of warm water. You can then put the solution in a spray bottle and saturate both sides of the cushions making sure to get into all crevices. Let the solution sit for some time but not dry completely. Take the cushions to the yard and spray them down with a garden hose and allow to air dry before use.


Grill – The BBQ cannot happen without a good cleaning first! Here is a list of materials to use to get the grease and grit off before you put the chicken on the grill:


  • Stiff-bristle Wire Brush
  • Toothbrush
  • Scour Pad (scratch pad)
  • PROXI dish soap concentrate
  • PROXI multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner
  • Baking Soda
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Spray Bottle of Water

Heat the grill up by closing the lid and turning the gas on for about 5 min. This will soften the build-up. Use the wire brush and scrape away as much as possible. Wait for the grill to cool down and move on to soaking your grates and flame guards in a sink full of PROXI dish soap, using the hottest water possible. Scrub the grates as they soak using the metal brush and scour pad. When it comes to the grease build up, make a paste with baking soda, water and a small amount of PROXI dish soap. Rub this on the inside of the grill lid and allow it to dry and then wipe it clean. Happy Grilling!

If you have no luck with your cushions or outdoor patio pillows and blankets make sure to Contact Us for the ultimate cleaning! Enjoy your summer days on the patio as much as possible.