A Crest Cleaners’ Secret: The Poly Bag

What’s the big deal about dry cleaning poly bags? Aren’t they the same as regular plastic bags? At Crest Cleaners, we have a little secret for you and it’s our poly bags. Our poly bags are great because number one, they’re better for the environment. Number two, they work miracles when fighting wrinkles.Isn’t it awesome to keep the iron in the closet and not have to deal with it all? Image packing up your important dry cleaning in a suitcase, traveling for hours, getting to your destination and emptying out your suitcase… does that usually mean pulling out the iron as well? We have a lot of secrets here at Crest Cleaners, but as you can probably already tell, we’re not very good at keeping them. The secret to our poly bags is that they leave your clothing wrinkle-free. OK, let’s be realistic. If your clothes are folded in a suitcase, we all know there is no way they will come out virtually free of creases, but with the Crest Cleaners poly bag, it’s pretty darn close. You will notice a major decrease in wrinkles when you switch to the Crest Cleaners poly bag… how do we know? Because we see it everyday! Our customers are not fans of wrinkles (seriously though, who is?) and when they see the difference with our poly bags, they definitely let us know.

Give it a try! Leave the poly bag on your clothes until you need them. Fold them up in your closet, place them in a suitcase, whatever! You’ll notice a decrease in annoying wrinkles and you might even notice a few other things… like how your dry cleaning doesn’t smell funny (that’s another secret of ours). Spend less time ironing and more time looking fashionably fresh, try Crest Cleaners today.