Remove Salt Stains from Your Shoes

Now that spring is here, we can break out the summer sandals and open-toed shoes! Before you pack away your winter shoes, don’t forget to clean off the residue salt from the sidewalks. You may notice the white ring around the toes of your shoes as well, but those aren’t permanent!

Here are some simple ways to clean the salt residue from your shoes.

If your shoes are leather, mix two parts water with one part vinegar in a small bowl or jar, dip a rag or towel in the solution and gently rub on your shoes. A few well placed wipes should do the trick.

To prevent further damage, make sure the shoes are completely dry, and treat the leather with some leather conditioner or lotion before storing them away for the summer.

If you’re more like Elvis Presley, and your shoes are suede, gently rub off those salt stains with a kneadable eraser, available in most art stores, or use a tooth brush or towel to revive the nap.

These tips are not only easy, but green and safe for the environment, and will keep your favorite shoes in tip-top shape no matter what season it is. For more tips on how to care for your wardrobe, check out our Facebook page.