Can Dry Cleaning Shrink Clothes?

We’ve all made the mistake of shrinking a favorite sweater or dress in our home washing machine. This commonly occurs when certain fabrics are exposed to the wrong water temperature for too long. But what about when you bring your clothing to a professional dry cleaner? Can they make the same mistake and cause shrinkage?

Here at Crest Cleaners, we can proudly and honestly say that the answer is a resounding NO! Crest Cleaners does not use water in our dry cleaning, but you already knew that. Our dry cleaning uses eco-friendly components to pristinely clean your favorite garments and do so without a chance of shrinkage. Not only will your garments return to you clean and fresh, but also toxin-free! We don’t use the dangerous chemical perc in our dry cleaning process, which means you’re not exposed to anything harmful to your skin.

While we offer traditional laundering services as well as dry cleaning, we are the experts when it comes to laundry and won’t damage your clothing no matter what the medod is.

Save yourself the hassle and worry of reading labels on your clothes, go ahead and buy those delicate fabrics! Bring them to your local Crest Cleaners and ensure your clothes leave crisp, clean and in the exact shape and form they were when they came in to see us.