Why Dry Cleaning is Better for Your Clothes

Imagine yourself in the store, purchasing a brand new elegant shirt. The fabric hugs you perfectly and the color is right on trend. As you walk out of the store, purchase in hand, you can’t help but smile, thinking about the look on everyone’s face when you walk into the room confidently, in your new shirt. The next day, it’s a hit! As you go home, you start to think about the best way to care for your new shirt so it will last for years to come. We suggest professional dry cleaning. Why? Because dry cleaning is better for your clothes, see how:

1. Delicate Process — When you put your new shirt in a traditional washer, the fabric is flooded with water and solvent. The abrasive movements of the washing machine can cause damage to the shirt you can never repair. Keep in mind, that as soon as you close the washing machine lid you have little control of what happens to your shirt.

2. Just Like The Day You Bought It — Expert dry cleaning won’t cause shrinking and helps maintain the color and texture of fabric. If you want that same perfect fit and trendy hue, dry cleaning is the way to go!

3. Stain Removal — Crest Cleaners are experts on stain removal. When stain mishaps happen, don’t turn your shirt into a mad science stain experiment, bring it to us for the best chance of removal. Dry cleaning has a unique ability to dissolve oil and grease in garments, unlike traditional washing.

4. The Finished Look — When you take your shirt out of the washer and dryer, the end result can be wrinkles, which means ironing. Ew…more work! With dry cleaning you are delivered a crisp, clean and fresh shirt in one easy step.

Is it worth taking the risk on your new favorite shirt? We don’t think so. Choose Crest Cleaner’s professional dry cleaning for all your favorite clothes and we will make sure you have them for years to come.