Yes, We Can Fix It!

How many times have you put on your favorite shirt or pants only to be surprised with a missing button or stuck zipper? Sometimes a quick fix is easier said than done because of your busy schedule, leaving your favorite items to sit in the back of your closet unworn and eventually thrown in the trash.

Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills each year, often because they don’t fit or have a minor issue. Don’t throw away your favorite items just because they have a small tear or missing a button. Here at Crest, we provide garment repair services for all your garments. Even better, we’ll check your garments each time they are cleaned and make minor fixes for free.  We offer repairs for torn seams, rips, tears, button attachments, replacements, or resets.

Never throw out your favorite shirt again! We think your favorite garments should stay in your closet, not tossed out or forgotten because of a minor issue. Next time your garments need cleaning and repairing, bring them in to Crest. Our on site professionals will take care of them for you with spectacular results.