The Style of a Consultant

Each job has a particular style, whether we like to admit it or not. Some industries are more creative, others more formal, and others require uniforms. Consultants are able to wear a wide variety of clothes, but there are still some tricks to dressing for the job.

  • Break Down Barriers – It is easy to get caught up in what is comfortable for you, but in reality, focusing on what is comfortable for your client is key. If you dress in a casual polo and dark pants to consult a top million dollar company, you will sense the barriers with your client. Break down the barriers. If you are working with ad agencies, tech giants, funky fashion houses and more traditional investment banks and blue chips you must expand the diversity in your wardrobe. Show them that you are connected to them in some way. In short, show your clients the respect they show you by using your service, and whistle to their tune.
  • Dress “One Better” – This tactic is sort of like playing a guessing game. Think about the company you are visiting and dress “one better.” This will even the playing field because the company you are visiting has the superior position or the “home field advantage.” It is important to show that you are in a position of authority. If you are visiting a primarily casual company, wear a casual suit, or dress pants and a button up. If you are visiting a law firm make sure your attire is the best you have to match their level of wardrobe.
  • Stay Approachable – The tactics listed above are great, but it is easy to seem snooty or put off that you find yourself better or more valuable than your client. Remember to always stay approachable. This may come down to a friendly color of tie – pastels are usually a great fit. For women, this can be achieved by having subtle makeup and bright accessories.
  • Show Your Worth – Always keep in mind that your wardrobe is the first thing a client has to “judge your worth.” Take a spin in the mirror and when you first turn around try and imagine what you would think of this person if you did not know them. It is important, at first glance, that your client believes they are getting their money’s worth.
  • Ensure Comfort – This goes back to the long day at a retail store trying on countless pants, shirts, and shoes. If you are not able to sit, walk, or move comfortably in an item of clothing do not get it. This uncomfortable feeling will radiate from you.

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