How to Care For Your Wedding Gown

How to Care for Your Wedding Gown

A wedding gown is more than a dress from the memories that enter your mind when you see and touch it to the beautiful details that can make it more of a piece of art than clothing. For many women, preserving their wedding gown serves a variety of purposes such passing it down to your children and grandchildren, wearing it when you renew your vows, or simply trying it on from time to time to bring back the memories of that day. Whatever your reasons are for keeping and caring for your wedding gown over time, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Take proactive tips when you wear it

Before you even wear your wedding dress, you will want to make sure you are smart about getting ready. Make sure your nails are painted, and makeup is on before you put on the dress. If you have to put your gown on before makeup is applied, have a smock that covers the entire dress to ensure nothing happens.

Transport and hang it appropriately

You will want to ensure you can flatly transport the dress so that it doesn’t bunch up and wrinkle, or have beads get caught on one another in a way that can pull threads. When you hang it, make sure you hang it as high as possible and have a safe way to get it down. If the bottom of the carrier or bag is open, you can lay a towel or sheet on the floor for the dress to rest on.

Have it professionally cleaned and preserved

Make sure you don’t store your wedding dress in a plastic bag or carrier for a long period of time. You will find that moisture can creep in and create mildew and stains. As soon as you wear your gown, take it to a professional dry cleaner and have it cleaned and preserved for safe storage. You don’t want to let stains linger like grass marks or a small droplet of red wine because they will only become more settled in the dress and be stubborn to remove.

Store the wedding gown at the correct temperatures

You will want to store your wedding gown at living temperatures within your home because when it gets too humid or hot, discoloration can occur. Keep it away from places like the attic and put it an indoor closet, under the guest bed, or somewhere that it can rest properly as well as get the safer temperatures it needs to preserve beautifully.

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