What’s in a Name? Crest Advanced Dry Cleaning Explained!

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At Crest Advanced Dry Cleaning, we take pride in our name because it is an extension of the outstanding services that we provide. We don’t just call ourselves advanced – we show our customers that we are serious about their experience. We do this by providing dry cleaning services that go above and beyond the call of duty, and take convenience to the next level.

We want to be more than a one-time stop for you when you have dry cleaning needs. Our mission is to be your solution for stains, restorations, dry cleaning delivery, and beyond for years to come.

Our superior cleaning process

Our garment care specialists are highly skilled when it comes to removing unwanted stains and

odors, and our methods are nonabrasive, eco-friendly, and simply SAFER.

Our services are comprehensive and range from wedding dress restoration to rug cleaning to clothing stain removal, and our state of the art cleaning methods will leave your garments brighter because they get to the root of the stain and remove it with deep, yet gentle cleaning methods. Trust when you utilize our convenient services, you notice the Crest Advanced difference!

Showing customer appreciation

On top of our advanced services, friendly and well-trained staff, and results that you can see in each garment you bring to us, you also get the benefit of specials that are designed to save you money and show appreciation.

The Crest Concierge Home Delivery Service is another way we show you the advanced way we take care of our customers. We will deliver and pick up whatever you need dry cleaned, and this comes at no cost to you. This doesn’t just save you money – it saves you time (and a lot of headaches). Ask about our Crest Rewards program that gives you 1 point for every dollar in dry cleaning spent. Once you’ve accumulated 250 points, we reward you with $25 off your dry cleaning!

We also offer Same Day Service 6 days a week! Simply drop your garments off by 10am and they’ll be ready for pickup after 4pm.

Take advantage of our advanced dry cleaning services today, and see for yourself that we have more than a great name, but we apply care, skill, and integrity to everything we do. Sign up for FREE pickup and delivery today!