How to Get Candle Wax Off a Tablecloth


With the holidays just around the corner, and friends and family getting together for meals and gatherings at your home, you’ll find that stains become a little more complicated. Between cranberries, gravy, wine, oil-based dressings, candle wax and other festive foods, beverages, and decorations that come out this time of year, you’ll need to have a plan for getting your tablecloth cleaned and ready for the next get-together.

Plus, if you use a specific tablecloth that you bring out for Thanksgiving and other family-style meals in the next two months, it may need special care to ensure it doesn’t fade or have permanent stains. To help you tackle one of those troublesome spots, here is a little information to get candle wax off a tablecloth.

Steps to remove candle wax

Candles enhance the ambiance whether you are having a meal for two or you have a house full of people over for dinner. However, once the wax gets on the tablecloth, it can be a challenge to get out – especially if the wax has settled while everyone finishes their meals and desserts.

The first step is going to be to try to freeze the tablecloth. Once the wax is frozen, you can use a butter knife or a tool with a similar edge to scrape it off. Next, you can apply a paper bag to the wax spots and press an iron to it and the heat will help release the wax stain for the bag to absorbed it. Next, wash the tablecloth by itself in warm water to finalize the process.

Be mindful that when following these steps, you are also following the washing instruction as well. If you are not allowed to iron the tablecloth, then you’ll have to skip a step. While the cleaning technique has worked for many people, it isn’t always effective in getting the wax out depending on the severity of the stain.

Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners effortlessly removes stains

The sooner you start the process after noticing the wax, the better, but when you don’t want to pull the tablecloth off in the middle of the meal, you have a second (and less stressful) option versus doing it yourself. By deciding ahead of time that you are going to take your tablecloth to expert cleaners, you can enjoy the evening without worrying about stains like candle wax, dark colored beverages, gravy, and more because if it spills, you already have a plan.

Count on Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners to effortlessly remove stains after holiday gatherings! Our services are easy to use and affordable, and we provide conveniences like delivery services. Call 888-714-0070 or contact us today or when you are ready to get stains removed.