We can clean your King and Queen size comforters! Premium down? No problem!

Image of a freshly made bed with pillows and comforter.

Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners can clean your comforters.

There’s a lot of laundry that can be done at home – and then there are those pieces that demand more attention. If you’ve never been confident with the level of clean when washing comforters at home or you’ve almost broken your washing machine trying to get the job done, it’s time to reach out to the pros at Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners.

Comforters are a challenging piece of laundry to clean and care for because they are larger than most blankets and made of specific materials. Whether you have premium down or king-sized comforters, a professional touch can get each corner of the fabric brilliantly cleaned and fluffed.
Here are a few tips to consider before you wash your next comforter.

Make sure you read the label

If the label says dry clean only, follow the instructions because a professional has the skills and equipment to keep the integrity of the material lasting. However, even if the comforter can be washed at home, the issue may be that your washing machine isn’t big enough to handle the load. Before attempting to clean it in the bathtub or lugging it to the laundry mat, save yourself the time and trouble and head to the dry cleaners.

Follow each step to the letter

When it comes to cleaning your premium down comforters, there are specific steps to follow. First, repair any stitching that is loose or fraying, and treat any stains using a cleaning product that doesn’t damage the down. Next, choose the proper water temperature and washing machine settings that are gentle yet effective. Then, dry the comforter using equipment and techniques that keep it from balling up or losing its fluff. Because down is a sensitive material, it’s crucial that you take care in each step to preserve it.

Enjoy the conveniences of dry cleaning

Don’t avoid going to the dry cleaners when you should embrace it! We have a convenient home delivery system that makes your life even easier when it comes to laundry. We also have a 24-hour drop box, same-day services, a mobile app, and more. Don’t stress about those large comforters made of premium materials like down. Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners is ready with all of the cleaning equipment, products, and techniques to get you the vibrant and clean results you love. Schedule a home pick-up today!