Why Do I Need to Clean My Wool Coats?


It’s almost spring, and that means that it is almost time to pack up the winter coats! If you are like many others in this area, you likely have at least one wool coat hanging in your closet. These are warm, durable, and often very stylish. However, these coats require special care to make sure that dust and dirt are cleaned off properly. You can find many articles online about taking care of wool coats, but there are two main things you need to know.

Good Care Ensures Long Wear

Properly taking care of your wool coat will lengthen its life span dramatically. It is worth the effort to maintain these. After all, wool coats are an expensive investment, often a lifetime use purchase. Be gentle with these coats, storing them properly and they will serve you well. Part of taking good care of your coat involves cleaning them properly. A mere brush with a lint roller doesn’t quite cut it. Often, small particles of dust, food residue, and bacteria can find their way onto the coat and never make it out. However, wool coats cannot simply be cleaned in a washing machine. The heat and motion of the washer and dryer damage the coat and give a high possibility of shrinking. Dry cleaning ensures proper cleansing of wool coats. With a good dry cleaning, a wool coat can appear brand new! This is why Crest Dry Cleaners is often trusted with winter coats at the end of the winter season.

You Can Help Prevent Moth Problems

As mentioned above, dust particles, food residue, and bacteria can linger on a wool coat, making it a breeding ground for different types of bugs. This includes moth larvae, notorious for eating holes into wool clothing. Moths can completely ruin expensive wool items, rendering them useless. Since it is time to pack up the coats for the spring season, properly cleaning them is necessary to prevent a moth invasion. This ensures that during the next few months that the coat is unused, it remains safe and clean for the next winter season.


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