Alterations: When to DIY and When to Call an Expert

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Oh no! You ripped your pants or lost a button on your favorite shirt! What’s the next step? Do you toss the item away or try to fix it? It’s always good to see if an item of clothing is salvageable before you throw it away. But then comes the question: Do you DIY it or give it to an expert to handle?

Here at Crest, we believe that you should take the best care of your clothing so it lasts a long time. This includes alterations. If you’re unsure whether to trust an item to an expert or to DIY, always choose a reputable expert. However, there are some things that are simple enough to DIY yourself, even if you don’t already know how to sew. In this article we discuss when to take your clothes to a tailor and when to fix it yourself.

Remember: In general, the more expensive the item, the more careful you should be. Don’t try to DIY an alteration on your $300 suit if you have never sewn before.

Missing Buttons & Too-Long Pants and Sleeves

These are easy sewing fixes—even if you’ve never sewn before you can look up a few tutorials and figure this out on your own. However, if you are unsure and you are dealing with an expensive or loved item of clothing, you may want to pay the tailor a visit.

Small Rips & Tears

Provided that the tears are parallel to a seam or near to it, this is also a simple beginner fix. If the tear is perpendicular to the nearest seam, the solution is a lot more difficult.

Hip or Waist Area of Pants

This tends to be a trickier area. Only very experienced sewers should attempt to alter the fit of the hips and waist on dress pants and even jeans.

Suits & Dress Shirts

Especially around the shoulders and collar, these are tricky alterations and should be left to a reputable professional.

Bust Alterations

For tops and dresses, bust alterations are also considered extremely complicated. We recommend you have a professional make this alteration.

There you have it! We hope that helps you decide whether or not to go to a tailor. We know that it’s a tough decision.

Here at Crest, we take the best care of clothes that come our way. We clean with gentle cleaners and also do alterations of any type! From missing buttons to suit alterations. Want to make sure your clothes fit right? Call us at 888-714-0070 or fill out our quick contact form today! You can also check out our alterations page, which shows all the locations you can get them at.