Setting the Perfect Holiday Table Starts with A Clean Tablecloth

Image of holiday table set with dishes and candlelight.

Dryclean your tablecloths at Crest for the perfect holiday!

If you plan to entertain this holiday season by having friends for a sit-down dinner or serving a holiday buffet, small touches can make a big difference. An essential step when setting the perfect holiday table: a professionally-cleaned tablecloth.

Old stains and blemishes can take away from an otherwise festive table. A professionally-cleaned tablecloth stays in great condition longer and will continue to add beauty and elegance to your table. Also, having your tablecloth cleaned and pressed becomes one less task to worry about when preparing for your occasion.

How to Set a Table

Putting table settings in the correct order is another way to tell guests they honor you with their presence. For a basic table setting, the fork goes to the left of the plate. The knife goes on the right side closest to the plate. Always place the knife with the blade toward the plate. Place the spoon to the right of the knife. The handle ends of the utensils should line up with the bottom edge of the plate. The glass (or glasses) should sit just above and slightly right of the top end of the knife. The napkin goes just to the left of the fork, or it can be placed on the plate.

Don’t Forget Clean Napkins!

Speaking of napkins, cloth napkins are another necessary touch for an elegant holiday table. And make sure to have them professionally cleaned, just as you should with your tablecloth. Therefore, your linen will look just as good on the table as the day you bought them.

Cleaned, Pressed, and Delivered!

Save yourself even more time by arranging for Crest Advance Dry Cleaning’s home pickup and delivery at no extra charge. It’s a great way to ensure your focus is where it should be: creating a wonderful, memorable holiday meal with family and friends.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Crest Advanced Dry Cleaning.