Red Wine, Cherry Juice, or Ketchup Stains: Don’t Do Anything at Home!

Image of Embarrassed young woman trying to clean after spilling wine on white table cloth.

Bring them to the experts before your garment is ruined permanently!

In the moments of panic following a catastrophic spill, your first instinct may be to scramble to try to clean your clothes yourself to prevent them from being ruined forever by red wine, cherry juice, ketchup, or whatever else may have fallen. However, while at-home solutions might be tempting due to their immediacy and ease, to truly protect your garments, it’s best to turn to the experts.

Won’t my clothes be ruined if I wait to have stains treated?

A spill happens in an instant, but it is not necessary to try to correct the stain just as quickly. While it is important to treat a stain before it sets, there are many advantages to waiting a bit longer and bringing the soiled fabric to a professional cleaner such as Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners. These establishments are used to handling stained clothing and follow the best possible methods to remove stains.

What is the advantage of bringing stained garments to a dry cleaner?

The dry cleaning process is specifically crafted in order to tackle stains and spots as efficiently and completely as possible. When you arrive at the dry cleaner with stained clothing, make sure to point out the stains so that they can be properly treated by the professionals. At the beginning of the dry cleaning process, stains will be pre-treated with specialized cleaning agents which are developed specifically to remove tough stains. Then, the other cleaning chemicals that are normally used in the process will continue to ensure that your clothes are as good as new.

For the process to be most effective, you should try to get the garments to your professional cleaner as soon as possible. Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners offers many convenience-oriented services to make this easier for you! Our Same Day Advanced Dry Cleaning service ensures that your stains will be dealt with as soon as possible provided you drop the garments off prior to 11:00 AM. Alternatively, with Crest Concierge Home Delivery, we will pick up your clothing from your home, treat any stains and thoroughly clean the garments, and return your items to your door at no additional cost. If you have questions about these services or have stains that need removing, contact us or come in to one of our many convenient locations today.