Winter is Coming! How to Care for Your Wool Sweaters

Image of a woman's arms selecting from pastel colored sweaters on a clothes rack.

Trust Crest to Dry Clean Your Favorite Sweaters

Fall is here and as the weather gets cooler, you’ll be thinking about pulling your best winter sweaters out from the back of the closet. While do-it-yourself wool cleaners are marketed as an attractive option, dry cleaning is the best way to get the dust and moth balls out of your finest wool garments. Here’s why!

Retaining Color and Texture

Washing wool items at home without paying careful attention can cause them to quickly lose their color. The advanced techniques used by professional dry cleaners are carefully engineered to protect the pigments in your clothing, protecting them from fading. These same techniques go  a long way in keeping your garments soft and snuggly too!

Achieving a Deeper Clean

Dry cleaning is the best way to get all of the residual grime out of your wool clothing, especially after a long summer of disuse. Dry cleaning processes will get your sweaters clean with very little risk of shrinking, stretching or other damage.

Prolonging Life

As with any type of fine garment, the main advantage to having your wool garments dry cleaned is the prolonged life of your clothes. The chemicals used in dry cleaning are specially developed  to clean your items without causing great amounts of lasting damage, meaning your clothes will last much longer. Your sweaters will keep you warm for many seasons to come!

At Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners, we do our best to make dry cleaning as simple as possible to fit into your busy schedule. With free Crest Concierge Home Delivery, your items will be picked up, cleaned, and returned without leaving the house. If you want to get a head start on getting your cosiest sweaters ready for the coldest winter days, contact Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners or come in to one of our many convenient locations today.