Too Busy for Laundry? Try Crest’s Wash and Fold Service!

Image of colored shirts and jeans folded neatly in a pile.

Even though many of our normal activities have been put on hold recently, most of us are still as busy as ever. Whether you’re an essential worker who never had a chance to stay at home during the pandemic or you’ve had to take on additional responsibilities at home due to school and summer camp closures, getting around to doing that pile of laundry may seem impossible these days. Luckily, you’re not in this alone! With Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners‘ Wash and Fold service, you can get all of your laundry done without any of the extra stress.  

How does it work?

Many people only think of a dry cleaner for special deep-cleaning services. However, dry cleaners are a wonderful option for your everyday clothing as well! Crafted for our clients who simply do not have the time to worry about washing their and their family’s clothing, Crest Wash and Fold is the perfect choice for your laundry needs. We will wash all of your clothing, no matter what material it is made of, and return it to you perfectly folded. All you have to do is collect your laundry and get it to us!

What if I don’t have time to drive to the dry cleaner?

Whether you need your laundry done twice a week, weekly, or every two weeks, we understand that making the drive to the dry cleaner often could negate the benefits of having someone else do your laundry for you. Luckily, with Crest Concierge Home Delivery, your laundry will be picked up from your home and returned to you sparkling clean.

What are other benefits to Crest Wash and Fold?

Using a dry cleaner for your daily laundry needs is a fantastic way to give your garments the best care possible. The advanced, eco-friendly systems used at Crest will ensure that your clothing looks as good as new every single time you wear it. 

If you’re ready to put an end to the stress caused by piles of dirty laundry taking up space in your home, contact Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners today to begin benefiting from our Wash and Fold service.