The Five Advantages of the Ecotech system


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Customer Feedback

"Without fail, Crest has been able to restore every destroyed designer dress and shirt I own to like-new condition."
- Elly

"If you need something STAT, they get it done fast"
- Jessie

"With a busy life, it's really difficult to commit to dropping off and picking up my dry cleaning on a regular basis. I love that Crest has consistent and reliable pick-up and delivery services."
- Susan

"They do a great job. The pickup and delivery has changed my life. I love not having to go get my dry cleaning anymore."
- Jimmy

"Been using them for 14 years. They clean the clothes in-house--no shipping them around town like some places. I don't have problems with my clothes disappearing like other places I have tried."
- Brent

"Crest is very gentle with my clothes and when I go to drop them off (with stains like mine you should), they review the garment with me and notate every stain and even discuss with me how they will treat it. They then review the material and let me know of any risks/dangers (if any) and ask if I want to proceed."
- Elly

"Everyone is so polite and courteous. They are always helpful with any request. The are very knowledgeable about tough stains and how to get them out."
- Marshall

" If you want great customer service and clean clothes, Crest is the way to go."
- Steve

"I've been a long time customer and have nothing but positive experiences having them professionally launder my clothes."
- John

"I don't trust my clothes with anyone else."
- Bob

"They know who I am, they are professional, always friendly and helpful."
- Phil

"I have been using Crest for years and could not be happier. You always see the same smiling faces and they have my clothes ready for me before I walk in the door. The clothes NEVER have a chemical smell to them and always look great."
- Seth

"Their service and support has been outstanding and consistent throughout the years. They always have my cleaning on time and perfect!"
- Kathleen

"My wife and I have used Crest Cleaners forever!  Never a problem, never a late item, always a smile and a "first name" hello!"

"I couldn't ask for more. I hang the bag on the door on Mon/Thurs and it's back the following Thurs/Mon."
- Rachael

" Do yourself a favor and find yourself a good cleaners like Crest. The few dollars you save in cleaning costs can be easily displaced by thousands in damages to your clothing."
- Jason

"Great service, incredibly nice people and a cleaner that respects your clothes. They come back sparkling and with all the buttons and no excuses."
- Dave

"I love the delivery service - it is incredibly convenient and helpful! And where as is the same day service hours so amazing!"
- Stacy

"We feel very spoiled by the good service. The clever laundry bag that also doubles as a garment bag for the cleaned items makes the whole process very easy."
- Carolyn

"I rely on their same day turn around. Hasn't failed me in 17 years!"
- Phillip

"Of all the dry cleaners I have been to in my life, Crest has all the things I've ever wanted. The feeling that I got when I first came here was similar to when I first bought an Ipod and stood in amazement at all the features that I ever wanted on a portable music device."
- Jason

"I'm an "organic" nut and I'm very conscientious about what I eat, what I breathe in, and what I touch, especially when it comes to carcinogenic materials. Perchloroethylene (Perc for short) is the cleaning agent used in almost all dry cleaners. That thing is highly toxic and Crest does not use it. "
- Jason

ecotech system

Why It’s a Good Idea to Clean Your Area Rugs
Image of a home living room with sofa, chairs and a shag area rug.

As we continue to remain at home as much as possible these days, many of us are thinking of ways that we can make sure our houses are as clean and safe. While pulling out the disinfectant and thoroughly wiping down surfaces such as kitchen counters, bathrooms, and doorknobs is a great place to start, the coronavirus and other germs could be lurking in other places around the house as well. This includes your rugs and other textiles. Even if infection isn’t a primary concern, it’s a great idea to take this opportunity to have your rugs cleaned for your peace of mind and a more tidy home. 

Health Benefits to Cleaning Your Rugs

Due to the way they are constructed, the fibers in rugs trap things like dirt, dust, bacteria, and other germs. While a vacuum or even a store-rented rug cleaner can remove some of these contaminants that are close to the surface, only a professional cleaner has the skills and expertise necessary to give your rug the very deep clean necessary to remove harmful particles, including the coronavirus. A CDC study has provided evidence that the virus that causes Covid-19 can live on the bottoms of shoes, so it could potentially be transferred to your rug where it could affect your family. The best way to prevent this is to refrain from wearing shoes inside the house, but a rug cleaning is a good idea if you are concerned.

There are other health benefits to cleaning your rug, as well! Particles trapped in your rugs, especially things like crumbs, have the potential to attract bugs and other pests, which could be dangerous. Furthermore, things like dust and other germs in the rug could harm you and your family too. All of these factors are good reasons to have your rugs professionally cleaned regularly!

Other Benefits

Even once the pandemic has gone away, or if it is not a primary concern in your area, it is still a good idea to have your rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis. In order to maintain the soft, inviting texture of your rugs, it is important to have them cleaned regularly so that the fibers are not damaged, leading to a scratchy feel. In general, regularly cleaning your rugs is an important way to maintain them and make sure they remain in good condition for as long as possible. Finally, if you or a family member spills something on your favorite rug, it’s a good idea to seek professional help rather than trying to deal with it yourself, as home remedies could cause permanent discoloration or other damage. 

Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners is taking careful measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus at each of our locations, and we offer free and contactless home pickup and delivery services for all of your dry cleaning needs. To learn more about these essential services, contact us today!