Don’t Damage Your Clothes! These Fabrics Should ALWAYS Be Dry-Cleaned

Image of silk and embellished dresses on wooden hangers with clear garment bags placed over them.

Especially when you’re short on time, it can be easy to ignore “Dry Clean Only” labels in your favorite garments. However, skipping the errand can cause your clothing harm in the long run. Putting some textiles through the washing machine even one time could ruin your clothes — find out which items should always head to the dry cleaners.

Which fabrics should be dry cleaned?

In general, high-quality fabrics such as silk should always be brought to the dry cleaner. Throwing silk in the washing machine or even washing it by hand at home could cause the material’s colors to bleed, resulting in an uneven appearance and stains on other garments and surfaces. The only way to ensure that the vibrant colors of your silk garments are preserved is to have them dry cleaned. 

Wool is another fabric that should always be brought to the dry cleaner. While it may seem like washing them at home will cause no harm, having wool items dry cleaned will prolong their life by years.

Materials like suede, leather, and fur should also be dry cleaned. It’s very difficult to clean items like leather jackets at home in a way that will not damage their appearance, shape, and durability. 

Are there any specific clothing items that should always go to the dry cleaner?

Even if the fabric itself doesn’t necessitate dry cleaning, certain garments should always be dry cleaned. For example, clothing with pleats should not be washed at home, to make sure that the folds in the fabric stay crisp throughout the item’s life. Similarly, clothing with embellishments like beads or sequins should be cleaned professionally so the extra decorations are not lost or damaged. Finally, special clothing that you want to preserve for a long time, such as wedding gowns, should be brought to a dry cleaner so that those items receive the best care possible.

Is there anything that I should avoid having dry cleaned?

While most clothing can be brought to the dry cleaner safely, certain items can be washed at home with no issues. This includes common fabrics such as cotton, linen, and denim.

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