Advanced Dry Cleaning

 Advanced Dry CleaningExperience Advanced Dry Cleaning.

With highly trained garment care specialists and hundreds of years of combined experience, we take dry cleaning to the next level: Advanced Dry Cleaning.

Powered by the EcoTech System, Crest Advanced Dry Cleaning brings you sustainable, efficient, thorough dry cleaning that is backed by the latest technology. Our expertise in dry cleaning includes a variety of fabrics, textures, and finishes on your clothing from everyday attire to eveningwear. Along with the commonly used garment fabrics, we tackle the hard to clean, such as: leather, suede, velvet, taffeta, silk, wool, and other specialty fabrics for clothing. Whether it’s casual or formal, tailored or custom, designer or department, leave the dry cleaning to Crest Advanced.

Efficiency and Ease.

Our dry cleaning process is safe for you, your family, and the environment. Crest Advanced Dry Cleaning brings you state-of-the-art machines, natural solvents, and technology-enhanced customer service experiences. Crest’s EcoTech System makes dry cleaning efficient and easy to use:

  • Same Day Dry Cleaning – Our technology allows us to process your garments the same day. Drop your clothes off by 11:00am and they will be ready for pickup by 5:00pm.
  • Latest Technology – Our machines are updated with the latest cleaning technology to treat your clothes with the utmost care. Our cleaning and stain removal processes are gentle on your clothes and efficient with resources, extending the life of your garments and our planet.
  • App Alerts – Rather than playing a memory game or taking a wild guess, wouldn’t it be nice to know when your clothes are ready for pickup? Our mobile app allows you to track your garments – telling you how many are at Crest, where they are in the cleaning process, and when they are ready for pickup.
  • Safe Silicone Solvent – This non-abrasive, non-carcinogenic solvent cleans your clothes without the safety hazards of perchlorethylene, a common dry cleaning solvent that is harmful for people and our planet. Our odorless cleaner gently removes stains and cleans fabric down to the fibers, while keeping your colors bright.
  • Reusable Garment Bag – As a customer of Crest, you’ll receive a garment bag to keep your dry cleaning together. Upside down, our garment bags act as a laundry bag to bring your dirty clothes in for cleaning. We process your garment bag while your clothes are getting cleaned. Once your order is ready for pickup, your garment bag will protect them on the trip home.
  • Hanger Recycling Program – With an estimated 8 billion hangers heading to the landfills every year, we are doing what we can to minimize our impact on the planet. We make it easy for our customers to recycle wire hangers at Crest. Ask for one of our free hanger caddies to help collect wire hangers. Bring hangers into a Crest Advanced location or have them picked up through Crest’s Home Delivery service.