At Work

Crest At Work is a program designed specifically for your organization. Your Route Supervisor will work with you to design a program to best fit your company’s and your employees’ needs. The Crest at Work program has two tracks:

  • Company Convenience – Dry cleaning, laundry and delivery services to an organization for bulk clothing or uniforms
  • Employee Convenience – Dry cleaning, laundry and delivery services to employees of an organization at the employee’s cost

Benefits for Your Business

atworkRight now, your employees need to somehow find a way to get to the dry cleaners after long work days and work weeks to maintain their professional appearance—just one more stressor for them to deal with.

Why not offer Crest’s dry cleaning and laundry service as an added benefit for your employees? In addition to offering cleaning services for your employees’ personal garments, we also clean uniforms, linens, lab coats, and more – all with free pickup and delivery.

With fast processing and reliable delivery, Crest at Work offers laundry and dry cleaning services to companies across the Washington D.C. metropolitan area – ranging from laboratories to restaurants to technology companies.

Join the Crest at Work Program by following the steps below:

  1. Call (888) 714-0070 to schedule an appointment to discuss your businesses needs and delivery days. Or simply fill out our Request an Appointment Form.
  2. After your appointment, your Service Manger will leave you with some bags for your employees and will give you some ideas about communicating this new employee benefit to your staff.
  3. Your Service Manager comes back to pick up the bags. Everything is cleaned at Crest-owned locations and delivered back to your office within a few days to the designated spot within your office.


+ What payment options are available for the Crest at Work Program?

We currently have two payment options available.

1) If your company is cleaning clothes on behalf of your employees (labs, hospitals, retail stores), you can either pay via credit card or we can invoice you.

2) If individual employees within the company will be paying for their own dry cleaning and laundry, we will bill the employee’s credit card for each cleaning.

+ Why should I offer this benefit to my employees?

Just as uniforms, scrubs, and lab coats help make the employees of retail stores, hospitals, and laboratories look professional and fit for the job, a tailored business suit helps your business developers and account managers make a lasting impression on your company’s clients. No matter what field of work you are in, your employees need to look clean and professional. Crest at Work allows you to offer your employees an easy way to keep their business attire cleaned and crisp. With a variety of programs, your business can make Crest Advanced dry cleaning and laundry services readily available to your individual employees or pick up your entire fleet of uniforms. Either way, you can rest assured knowing that Crest’s EcoTech System is providing the highest level of clean and care at the convenience of your workplace.

+ What does the Service Manager do once my program is set up?

Your Route Supervisor is with you every step of the way: helping start a Crest at Work program that best fits your company and your culture, picking up and delivering your company’s order, and managing your account. Your Route Supervisor is your main contact to add, remove, and tweak your program details to best fit your needs.

+ Will I have set delivery days?

Depending on your organizations specific needs and volume of cleaning, your route supervisor will set up a schedule that is convenient for you.

+ Will you do desktop delivery?

No, there will be one designated pickup and drop off area for your organization. Your Route Supervisor will help you select a safe and convenient location for your organization.

+ Free delivery? Are there any hidden costs?

No, Crest offers the same reliable and free delivery to our Crest at Work customers as we do our Concierge Home Delivery customers. There is no additional cost; orders are simply charged per piece at our standard cleaning rates.

+ Does Crest at Work offer the same advantages of the EcoTech System?

Orders from Crest at Work are processed at Crest-owned locations, so you receive the same benefits of safe and environmentally friendly cleaning solvents, a reusable garment bag, the option of the hanger recycling program, and the tracking system to know how many and what type of pieces were processed. If your organization offers Crest At Work to individual employees as a benefit program, your employees can also take advantage of Crest’s Mobile App to notify them when their order is ready for pickup at a Crest Advanced store, rather than waiting for the next delivery day.

+ Clothing is expensive, and I don’t want our company to get blamed for missing items. How will I find a designated area that is safe to gather my employees’ clothing for Crest’s pickup and delivery?

We understand that this is a concern when considering setting up your Crest At Work program, however, your Service Manager will help you find a place in your office that is secure for your designated pickup and delivery area. With careful planning and a customized approach, missing items or stolen clothing has not been an issue with Crest at Work programs.