+ Do I have to be home when you pick up and deliver my clothes?

Not at all! Most of our residential customers aren’t home when we pick up and deliver their laundry. We’ll supply you with a bag to protect your laundry from the weather and a hook to hang it from. That way, we can pick it up without you even knowing we were there, and you can go to work, run your errands, or play in the back yard with the kids.

+ How often do you pick up?

We drive each route two days a week. Fill out our signup form and we’ll contact you with the days of the week we’re in your area. We can pick up one day and deliver the next, or pick up and deliver on both days. We’re there to fit your schedule.

+ What if I do not need dry cleaning or laundry every week? Do I have to call?

No need to call. If you don’t have laundry, simply don’t leave it out. There’s no minimum amount of laundry, and no charge for a missed week. We’re already in your neighborhood, so it’s no problem for us to drive by and check.

+ What time do you pick up and deliver?

Pickup and delivery times differ. We ask that you leave your bag out by 8:00am on your pickup day, and we’ll return them before 5:00pm on the next delivery day.

+ How do I pay?

We make payment easy by automatically billing your credit card after each visit.

+ Is it really free?

Our delivery and pickup service is of no extra charge to you. You pay the same price for cleaning as you would if you had to drive your laundry to the store and drive back again to pick it up. We’re already in your area, delivering and picking up laundry for customers just like you, so we’re happy to save you two trips at no extra cost.

+ Is it okay to leave my clothes outdoors?

We’ll help you find a weather-safe place to leave your laundry. Plus, laundry is not a high priority for thieves.

+ What if I need a faster turnaround time?

Most of our customers find that because we pick up and deliver two days a week, the turnaround time is ample. However, you can still use one of our store locations in an emergency. Unlike other cleaners, who ship their cleaning out to the facility that offers them the best price, Crest does all their cleaning in-house using the EcoTech System. Ask your service manager where the store location for your home delivery route is, and your laundry will be there waiting for you. You can also download our mobile app to see where your clothes are and if they are ready for pickup.