Organic vs. Non-Toxic Dry Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Two buzzwords that you’ve probably grown familiar with are “organic” and “non-toxic.” And while they may seem interchangeable, the truth is, there’s a significant difference – especially when it comes to dry cleaning.

You may feel good about going to a dry cleaner that advertises they’re “organic,” but it’s important that you don’t confuse the definition when used in other industries. Organic foods are defined as products that avoid using man-made fertilizers and pesticides, and this is one of the most common definitions people refer to.

However, the definition of organic dry cleaning is somewhat unclear and rather broad. In most cases, it just means, “containing carbon compounds.” And this definition could be applied to almost every substance on earth!

What does “organic” mean for your health and dry cleaning?


Traditional dry cleaning is known to use a common toxin referred to as perc (aka: tetrachloroethylene – a human carcinogen), and you’ll often know this is used by an odd odor left on your clothing. When a person is exposed, the toxin can enter the bloodstream via absorption through the skin or breathing it in, and it can cause a number of health issues from cancer to vision issues.

You may be surprised to learn that perc is actually considered organic. So, just because you see a sign in the dry cleaning window that says “organic” practices are used, it doesn’t mean that the products are toxin-free.

Why environmentally non-toxic dry cleaning is the better option?

At Crest Cleaners, we apply non-toxic dry cleaning techniques that are safe for you and the environment. Our EcoTech System uses a silicone solvent that is natural and odor-free, rather than a petroleum-based solvent that traditional dry cleaners use.


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We also apply other non-toxic practices such as tagless garment labels and tracking, as well as a hanger-recycling program we welcome you to take part in. We don’t want to send a lot of plastic to landfills, so we have reusable garment bags versus plastic disposable ones.

Go with an environmentally non-toxic dry cleaning solution today!

If you want to learn more about our non-toxic dry cleaning solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our mission is to ensure you (and the environment) get a healthier dry cleaning experience – without compromising on the integrity of our work.

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