Image of female arm measuring a shirt for alterations.

You probably love your clothes—after all, you chose to buy them. However, sometimes they don’t fit quite right. Perhaps you lost weight for the summer and you don’t want to replace your entire wardrobe, or you struggle to find clothes in the store that are the perfect size for you. Rather than living with clothes that don’t flatter your figure, however, you can pursue professional alterations! This solution doesn’t appeal to many people, but we’re here to explain some of the many advantages of having your clothes tailored.

Save Money in the Long Run

While the cost might deter some people from having their clothing altered to achieve a better fit, modifying your existing wardrobe to better suit you is a much better, cheaper option than buying completely new clothes in a different size. Minor changes can also make clothes that you think fit you fine much more flattering, transforming rarely-worn pieces into some of your favorite looks.

Improve Your Look

Even though you will ultimately be wearing the same things, you will be surprised at how much of a difference alterations can make in terms of your presentation. Having well-fitting clothes can be a major indicator that you care about your appearance, a valuable trait both professionally and socially. Spending a bit extra once can earn you a lot of points in how people perceive you.

Bring Your Wardrobe Up to Date

Having your clothes tailored can not only make a difference in terms of fit, but also style. As the trends change, your wardrobe will become outdated. A few alterations, such as shortening hems or adding darts, can make a world of difference in getting you back on-trend—without buying completely new clothes each season.

There are many steps to properly caring for your wardrobe. Once you have attained the fit that you want, it is essential to maintain it. The best way to keep your clothing in excellent condition is to trust professionals, such as those at Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners, to clean them. Dry cleaning will prolong the life of the clothing that you put a lot of effort into selecting and altering.

Having alterations done to your favorite clothes can be nerve-wracking. You want to make sure you find a trustworthy and experienced seamstress/tailor. Here are some helpful tips for finding the right place to take your alterations and how to care for garments afterward:

  • Be prepared: When meeting with your tailor or seamstress, be sure that you’re ready to try on the garment to be altered. That means bringing the correct undergarments and other items that affect the garment. You may need to bring in shoes or jewelry if they affect how the garment will lay.
  • Quality Over Cost: As with most services, you may need to pay a bit more for quality. It helps to discuss price and costs before the alterations begin, so both you and your tailor or seamstress agree. It’s better to have an idea of costs up front than wait until the alterations are completed.
  • Care: The care for altered garments varies depending on the level of alteration needed. For simple hem fixes and small alterations, the care level will be the same. But for major alterations and additional embellishments, your garments will require more careful cleaning and handling.

Finding a seamstress or tailor to alter your garments shouldn’t fill you with worry. With these tips, you’ll be stepping out in your altered clothes in no time!