Kentucky Derby Attire Guide

The Kentucky Derby is coming up on May 7th, so it is time to start planning your attire. The Derby is well known for bringing out bright colors and bold patterns that the wealthy don as they place money on their horse of choice and sip a mint julep. Derby style is traditional but has modern twists each year when it comes to color, pattern, and of course, hat etiquette. Here is our attire guide for the 2016 Kentucky Derby:

Men: It’s time to let the prints do the talking! The Kentucky Derby is all about showing off with bright spring colors and wild prints. Whether starting with a pastel palette or going bold with a spotlight-stealing print, this is the time to let your fashion shine. If you’d like to opt for a more classic, elegant look, a plain navy suit or a light seersucker pattern with a bright tie or even a bowtie will fit the bill.

If you’d prefer your style stand out in the spotlight we recommend starting with a bold but solid color scheme and building from there. Bright pants in tropical colors will go a long way in standing out in the crowd at the Downs. Choose a shirt that fits within the color scheme with a bright pattern like gingham or plaid. Finish out with a suit jacket in a coordinating color or pattern and don’t forget the tie! Your tie or bowtie is a great opportunity to add in some understated flair by mixing colors and patterns for a trendy look.

Ladies: Hats, hats, hats, and more hats! As you’re already well aware, a coiffure topping masterpiece will be the star of the show. But what comes first; the hat or the outfit? Experts say it can go either way! No matter which you pick out first, the most important thing is that they complement each other in style and color.

If you’d like your hat to make a strong statement, you can opt for a more subdued outfit in a matching or coordinating shade. But if you’d like your Derby style to have more understated elegance, you may want to keep your outfit on the same plane as well with a light pattern or none at all. When it comes to a brighter, funky style all bets are off! Steal the spotlight with a wild hat and an outfit that stays consistent in both color and pattern.

For more fashion tips for both the ladies and the gents, as well as a guide to dressing for each event, take a look at the Kentucky Derby website, here.

While you’re searching for the perfect eye-catching outfit, let us worry about the dry cleaning. Schedule a home pick-up and delivery for your Derby attire and expect it to arrive clean, pressed, and ready to wear for the Downs. Click here to sign up for home delivery. You’ll have more time to coordinate the perfect colors without needing to fuss about the cleaning. Best of luck and may your horse win!