Do you need a little help with closet organization? Does it seem like all of your clothes end up on the floor instead of hung up or put away? If so, here are ways to organize your bedroom closet.

Tip 1: Declutter
Give yourself a closet makeover by getting rid of unnecessary clutter. One trick is to start by turning all of the hangers in your closet the opposite way (towards you). As you wear something and put it back, turn the hanger back the normal way (away from you). If after a few months you still see some hangers facing toward you, that means that you haven’t worn that item for while and it may be time to donate it or put it away in storage.

Tip 2: Closet Systems
Use boxes, cubbies, tiered shelves or a hanging organizer to sort your items by type of apparel. Setting up a closet system will allow you to make the most of your space and will give everything a “place” to live.

Tip 3: Put it on a Shelf
Use shelves to put and store the most-used items at eye level, less-used items below, and least-used items up high. By doing this you are putting all the essentials in plain view and making them easily accessible.

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