We know how easy it can be to just run to the cheapest dry cleaner on the corner and call it a day. But how many times can you dismiss a missing button, left-behind stain, or shrunken garment? Before risking it and taking your favorite shirt to the corner dry-cleaner, consider this:

  1. Is the price worth it? Sure that corner shop may be a few dollars cheaper but the damage done to your clothes in the long run may end up costing more than you thought you saved. Every stain and lost button adds up over time. In the end, a better quality clean from trained professionals will keep your bottom line in the black.
  1. What’s in a name? Even though a company may have the words dry cleaner in their name, you can still run the risk of having untrained employees working on your garments. Take the time to read a few reviews on the company and take a look at their website. If what you see doesn’t appear to be professional, stay away from the company. You need to come to work looking professional, why trust your clothes to a company that falls flat?
  1. Ask Around- Check in with your coworkers. Chance are, they send their clothing in to a cleaner and they have an opinion on the quality and service of the business. Take a look into their referrals and see if any fit your needs. And if they’re unhappy with their current service, let them know when you find a service that you’re satisfied with.
  1. Is it guaranteed? Most every major purchase comes with a guarantee of good service and a quality product. We believe that your laundry should come with that same guarantee. If your current dry cleaner doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee when it comes to your garments, it may be time to find a new laundry service.
  1. Technology Matters- What methods does your current laundry service use to clean your garments? If they don’t provide a clear outline of their process along with the materials and equipment used, be wary. Just like you want to see an ingredients label on your food, you want to know how your clothing is cleaned and treated. You can take a look at our advanced and experienced process here.

When it comes to the items you wear every day into the office, you want to rely on a guaranteed and professional cleaning service. Why settle for anything less than the best? At Crest, we guarantee that you’ll be more than satisfied with our service and Ecotech cleaning system. Not only do we provide a professional product, we make sure it’s convenient for your schedule with our home pick up and delivery service. Don’t settle for a less than professional dry cleaning service. If you’re looking for a few more at home laundry tips take a look here.