The election season is in full swing and one thing you can’t deny is just how entertaining this year in politics has been. There are a countless number of men and women all over the country who take their fashion cues from the presidential candidates of the day. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a very unique style that has captivated the country. Below are a few things to consider when trying to make your style more presidential.

Taking a look at The Donald

While you probably want to avoid taking hair styles cues from Donald Trump, you can learn a thing or two about how to dress from this real estate mogul. There are a few key things that define Donald Trump’s sense of style and they are as follows:

  • Tailored Suits-

    The first thing that you will notice when taking a look at the way Donald Trump dresses is the immaculate suits he wears. Most of the suits that The Donald puts on are tailor made. There is never a speck of dirt or dust on the suite, which helps to enhance the appeal they have.

  • Colorful Ties-

    Having a great looking and colorful tie is a great way to add a bit of pizazz to a suit. Most of the ties that you see Donald Trump wear are from his own personal collection. The ties are usually colorful, but not too overwhelming for the eyes.

  • Matching Handkerchiefs-

    Keeping a continuity in regards to the accessories you put with a suit is important. If you will notice, Donald Trump always has a handkerchief to match the tie that he is wearing. If you wear a tie with a colorful design, you may want to pick out one dominant color to match your handkerchief with.

Hillary Clinton: A Beacon for Women’s Fashion

Since the Clintons burst on the scene in the early 90’s, Hillary Clinton has been among the most fashionable people in all of politics. Her look seems to transcend fashion trends, especially this election series. Here are some of the things that define the Hillary Clinton look.

  • Stylish Pantsuits-

    A trademark of the Hillary Clinton look is the pantsuit. Hillary was one of the first public figures to prominently feature the pantsuit in her wardrobe. Most of the pantsuits that she wears are solid colored and understated.

  • The Accessories-

    In order to offset the understated pant suits that she wears during the election, Hillary Clinton usually wears a variety of eye catching accessories. Whether it is gold earrings or a beautiful necklace, Mrs. Clinton is known for the jewelry she wears on the campaign trail.

  • Comfortable Shoes-

    Another trademark of the Clinton look are comfortable flat shoes. Very rarely will you see Hillary Clinton wear high heels while campaigning. While the shoes she wears are comfortable, they are usually adorned with flashy designs that match her outfits perfectly.

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