As the chill of winter fills the air, you will find yourself in need of a few key clothing essentials to help you fight off this cold weather. Dressing the part is important when trying to get ahead in the world of business. You will need to portray an image of professionalism and class in order to show clients you are the real deal. If you are looking for some professional pieces to add to your winter work wardrobe, be sure to check out the list below.

A Nice Wool Overcoat

One of the best materials to use when trying to fight off the cold of winter is wool. Investing in a nice wool overcoat is an excellent way to stay warm and look great while doing it. When trying to select the right overcoat, be sure to get measured by a tailor. The tailor will be able to give you your exact measurements, which will make it much easier on you to get an overcoat that fits snug. Choosing a darker color for your new woolen overcoat will allow you to wear it with a wide variety of suits, ties and pants.

Accessorizing With a Scarf

Another great way to add a bit of appeal to your winter business attire is by selecting the right scarf. One of the biggest mistakes most people make when choosing scarfs is staying safe with the coloring. While the base color of the scarf will need to be a neutral color, let your creativity shine through when choosing the accent colors. Choose bright, bold accent colors to liven up your business outfits and attract a bit of attention in the process.

Don’t Forget About Your Briefcase

When dealing with snowy weather, you will need to find a way to keep all of your important documents safe. Without a durable briefcase, you may lose valuable information due to water getting on your documents. Selecting the right briefcase will require you to think about what type of look you are going for. Leather is always a great briefcase material option due to the resiliency and appeal it has to offer. Try a Tumi brand briefcase for functionality or style, or go all out with a Louis Vuitton.
Keeping your new winter clothing clean can be made a lot easier when using Crest Cleaners. We take the time to clean your clothing and remove any stains that may be present.

As a manager or office administrator you realize the value in a full eight hour work day and the harm leaving 20 minutes early can have on overall productivity in the workplace. All reasons seem valid; pay rent, pick up kids from school/sports, pick up dry cleaning, getting a car serviced, doctor appointment, hair appointment, etc. But what if you could eliminate one by promoting dry cleaning delivery to the office? With Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners we offer a Crest At Work Program that offers a deliver service to employees of an organization at the employee’s cost.

How to Persuade Your Employees Dry Cleaning Delivery to the Office is Worthwhile:

  1. One less item checked off your “To-Do-List” – Your personal and work schedules are hectic enough. Why not put a bit of the organizing and arranging into someone else’s hands? This service would ask of you to bring your clothes to the office and leave it in the hands of your office administrator/coordinator/manager whom then would take care of the rest. The best part? You will have clean clothes delivered to you at the convenience of your workplace. No hassle trying to rush through traffic to make it to the laundromat before it closes.
  2. No Stress – Your manager or office administrator/coordinator will be in charge of scheduling the service and reminding employees to bring in their dry cleaning. No more losing a personal calendar notification, instead it will be an organized reminder through your business.
  3. It’s a Benefit, Why Not Use It? – Sure, you could still drive to the dry cleaner on Tuesday before work – rushing through traffic to make it by nine – and then come to work early on Wednesday to be able to leave early to pick up your dry cleaning through rush hour traffic. But why? The convenience is given to you, take it!

Once employees are convinced of the convenience of dry cleaning deliver to the office, try implementing other ways to save staff time: plan your day before you start, do your hardest task first, create timelines (even if they are not true), and remember to take your 15 minute breaks to freshen the mind.

Many woman today try to maintain a regimen that involves staying physically and emotionally fit, managing work life, managing kids’ busy school and sports schedules, attending special events, and making sure the house stays functioning. It is no question if you fall within this organization of individuals that you struggle to maximize your time. The key to this is ensuring that you focus on your time, not your work time or your children’s time, but specifically your individual and limited time for yourself. After some searching we have found a few influential tips from women in the same boat on best practices for maximizing one’s time.

One can easily follow a step-by-step guide on how to manage their time better, but this will do no good until you are able to view time as something you own rather than something that owns you. No matter how busy your life may seem, it is important to remember that you are in control. Designer and entrepreneur, Lauren Conrad, stresses the importance of making time for yourself. This involves setting measurable goals, and keeping a to-do list by your bed to maintain the most efficient and happy you.

After feeling in control of your time and maximizing the easiest way to manage it, then you can find ways to tend to yourself. Creating routines that are self fulfilling may be the best way to ensure that you actually take the time to do this. Designate time right before bed to look after your health and beauty. This can include a relaxing bath with candles and your favorite book to wind down accompanied with a face mask and moisturizing cycle. Do not worry if your day gets a bit crazy and you see this designated time for yourself shrinking. Always make sure, at the very least, to wash your face thoroughly before bed to end the day right. This small treat will send you off to bed well.

The last, and maybe most important tip, is to give into what makes you happy. Maybe this is going to Starbucks every morning for a latte instead of drinking your own homemade brew. This could also be cutting your workout 5 minutes short to go enjoy some time in the sauna. Whatever it may be, actress and mother, Blake Lively, swears to starting and ending her day with the same treat: chocolate. She states that it is good for her morale and is the extra step she takes to love and live her life to the fullest.

No matter how organized and self loving you may be, it can still feel as if you are being pulled in a million different directions. Waking everyone up, getting breakfast on the table, getting yourself ready, dropping everyone off at school and work, getting through your own work day, going to the gym, picking up everyone from school and work, getting supper ready, tidying the house, and making time for yourself before bed is a lot to deal with. Why make it harder by adding your weekly dry cleaner trip to the mix? Sign up for our home delivery program and Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners will be in your neighborhood at your convenience on Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We want your to make the most of your time by letting us take one more item off your to-do list.

Men’s fashion has expanded in the past couple years to allow men to explore different styles, cuts and colors in their formalwear. Men have the opportunity to put more of their personality into their suits. Take a look at what your preferred formalwear says about you!

The Primary Suit Colors and Accents:

Blue: Darker shades of blue, especially navy, convey a person who is in control. Blue produces feeling of calmness, stability, trust, truth, confidence and security.

Grey: This color is not distracting which allows people you interact with to be more focused on what you have to say. Grey symbolizes sophistication.

Black: Black is stark, commanding and represents authority. If you are looking to feel above all and on top of the party, black is the way to go.

Red: This is all about power. Red is thought alongside energy, passion, desire and power. To show you have intense passion for something, wear red.

White: The color white sends the message of simplicity, cleanliness, precision and goodness. White is a safe option for a day to day option.

Studying Suit Styles:

The Precious Metal: If you are wanting to feel like James Bond, then the precious metal style is the way to go. Super-luxurious fabric, white-gold stitching and the rarest fibers in the world should ensure you feel like the only man in the room.

The Godfather: Ermenegildo Zegna’s suit brand has built a global reputation as one of the most innovative menswear companies around the world. With heat and cold resistant suiting, stain-resistant materials and crease-repelling fabrics, this suit is able to withstand the true man’s man.

The Sexiest Suit Alive: This suit defines modern day gentleman’s attire. If the goal is to feel captivating, provocative, stylish and intelligent at the same time, Tom Ford nailed it with the sexiest suit alive.

The Cool Italian: With impeccable cuts and three-dimensional structures, these elements give the garments purposeful movement. Honestly, nothing screams cool like this style.

The Romantic Suit: The Romantic style is supportive yet lightweight and radiates function and beauty as well as the importance of a garment feeling like your second skin.

It’s not a science, but it is a practice to harness the right suite for you!

Kentucky Derby Attire Guide

The Kentucky Derby is coming up on May 7th, so it is time to start planning your attire. The Derby is well known for bringing out bright colors and bold patterns that the wealthy don as they place money on their horse of choice and sip a mint julep. Derby style is traditional but has modern twists each year when it comes to color, pattern, and of course, hat etiquette. Here is our attire guide for the 2016 Kentucky Derby:

Men: It’s time to let the prints do the talking! The Kentucky Derby is all about showing off with bright spring colors and wild prints. Whether starting with a pastel palette or going bold with a spotlight-stealing print, this is the time to let your fashion shine. If you’d like to opt for a more classic, elegant look, a plain navy suit or a light seersucker pattern with a bright tie or even a bowtie will fit the bill.

If you’d prefer your style stand out in the spotlight we recommend starting with a bold but solid color scheme and building from there. Bright pants in tropical colors will go a long way in standing out in the crowd at the Downs. Choose a shirt that fits within the color scheme with a bright pattern like gingham or plaid. Finish out with a suit jacket in a coordinating color or pattern and don’t forget the tie! Your tie or bowtie is a great opportunity to add in some understated flair by mixing colors and patterns for a trendy look.

Ladies: Hats, hats, hats, and more hats! As you’re already well aware, a coiffure topping masterpiece will be the star of the show. But what comes first; the hat or the outfit? Experts say it can go either way! No matter which you pick out first, the most important thing is that they complement each other in style and color.

If you’d like your hat to make a strong statement, you can opt for a more subdued outfit in a matching or coordinating shade. But if you’d like your Derby style to have more understated elegance, you may want to keep your outfit on the same plane as well with a light pattern or none at all. When it comes to a brighter, funky style all bets are off! Steal the spotlight with a wild hat and an outfit that stays consistent in both color and pattern.

For more fashion tips for both the ladies and the gents, as well as a guide to dressing for each event, take a look at the Kentucky Derby website, here.

While you’re searching for the perfect eye-catching outfit, let us worry about the dry cleaning. Schedule a home pick-up and delivery for your Derby attire and expect it to arrive clean, pressed, and ready to wear for the Downs. Click here to sign up for home delivery. You’ll have more time to coordinate the perfect colors without needing to fuss about the cleaning. Best of luck and may your horse win!

Having alterations done to your favorite clothes can be nerve-wracking. You want to make sure you find a trustworthy and experienced seamstress/tailor. Here are some helpful tips for finding the right place to take your alterations and how to care for garments afterward:

  • Be prepared: When meeting with your tailor or seamstress, be sure that you’re ready to try on the garment to be altered. That means bringing the correct undergarments and other items that affect the garment. You may need to bring in shoes or jewelry if they affect how the garment will lay.
  • Quality Over Cost: As with most services, you may need to pay a bit more for quality. It helps to discuss price and costs before the alterations begin, so both you and your tailor or seamstress agree. It’s better to have an idea of costs up front than wait until the alterations are completed.
  • Care: The care for altered garments varies depending on the level of alteration needed. For simple hem fixes and small alterations, the care level will be the same. But for major alterations and additional embellishments, your garments will require more careful cleaning and handling.

Finding a seamstress or tailor to alter your garments shouldn’t fill you with worry. With these tips, you’ll be stepping out in your altered clothes in no time!