As a manager or office administrator you realize the value in a full eight hour work day and the harm leaving 20 minutes early can have on overall productivity in the workplace. All reasons seem valid; pay rent, pick up kids from school/sports, pick up dry cleaning, getting a car serviced, doctor appointment, hair appointment, etc. But what if you could eliminate one by promoting dry cleaning delivery to the office? With Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners we offer a Crest At Work Program that offers a deliver service to employees of an organization at the employee’s cost.

How to Persuade Your Employees Dry Cleaning Delivery to the Office is Worthwhile:

  1. One less item checked off your “To-Do-List” – Your personal and work schedules are hectic enough. Why not put a bit of the organizing and arranging into someone else’s hands? This service would ask of you to bring your clothes to the office and leave it in the hands of your office administrator/coordinator/manager whom then would take care of the rest. The best part? You will have clean clothes delivered to you at the convenience of your workplace. No hassle trying to rush through traffic to make it to the laundromat before it closes.
  2. No Stress – Your manager or office administrator/coordinator will be in charge of scheduling the service and reminding employees to bring in their dry cleaning. No more losing a personal calendar notification, instead it will be an organized reminder through your business.
  3. It’s a Benefit, Why Not Use It? – Sure, you could still drive to the dry cleaner on Tuesday before work – rushing through traffic to make it by nine – and then come to work early on Wednesday to be able to leave early to pick up your dry cleaning through rush hour traffic. But why? The convenience is given to you, take it!

Once employees are convinced of the convenience of dry cleaning deliver to the office, try implementing other ways to save staff time: plan your day before you start, do your hardest task first, create timelines (even if they are not true), and remember to take your 15 minute breaks to freshen the mind.