Your wedding was a great day, do you remember it all? The dancing? The walk down the aisle? The pictures? The food? The congratulations? Your dress does, and unfortunately all of the stains and marks that happened on your big day are proof. If you’re looking to make your gown like new again to save for later (for maybe a daughter later down the line?) here are some tips.

While dress preservation is a service that many cleaners offer, there are some steps you can take on your own to ensure the dress is kept in great condition. For starters, pay attention to how you hang your dress leading up to your wedding and on the day of the event. Hang it by the loops inside the gown to ensure no part of the dress sags or becomes damaged. All of that fabric is heavy and can pull at delicate seams.

Also, before your wedding, be aware of the conditions where you store your dress. Avoid extreme temperatures and try covering the fabric with a sheet instead of plastic. Plastic contains materials that could yellow your dress and also traps in unwanted moisture. How heartbreaking would it be to pull out your dress just mere days before your wedding only to find ugly discoloring?

Those are a few suggestions to keep your dress in mint condition before your big day. But after? We all know that a wedding celebration can turn into one big party. If you’ve done all of the work to keep your dress looking like new before the wedding, bring it in to Crest Cleaners for help in the cleaning and preservation process.  Feel free to ask us plenty of questions regarding our techniques processes. Your wedding is one of the best days of your life. Preserve those memories by perfectly preserving your dress. Contact Crest Cleaners today and ask how we can help take care of those memories.