The Value Of Crest

The Value Of CrestAll dry cleaning is not created equal.

When it comes to taking care of your wardrobe, there is more than just the cost of cleaning. Garments will last longer and colors will stay brighter when they are cleaned with Crest’s EcoTech system. We stand behind our work and even inspect your garments after each and every wash for any loose buttons or wear.

We believe in providing value to our customers. We understand that your clothes are an investment that should last wash after wash – an investment that shouldn’t be put at risk for damages or loss. With the EcoTech System and our highly trained garment care specialists, you can trust that your fabrics are properly cared for, your garments are properly tracked, and your orders are processed with precision and perfection.

Would you willingly put carcinogenic materials next to your skin for hours on end? By simply using a dry cleaner that cleans in solvents that are free of perc, you reduce your exposure to known carcinogens and lower your risk of cancer. Not only do our cleaning methods make your clothing safe for you to wear, they are safe on your fabrics, safe for our employees to work around, and environmentally safe for our company to dispose of afterwards. The pennies you save by going to your corner dry cleaner (who likely uses perchloroethylene) is nothing compared to the care, service, and assurance you receive when you use Crest Advanced.