Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners is proud to partner with The Brem Foundation, an organization whose mission is to help women in the DC area detect breast cancer early on, when it is still treatable.


As it says on their website, “More than 95 percent of women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer survive and thrive.”

In order to accomplish their goal, The Brem Foundation focuses on three main tasks:

  1. Educating women about breast cancer risks and screening options
  2. Providing vital diagnostic tests and screenings
  3. Training physicians to better diagnose and treat breast cancer

Crest Cleaners has partnered with The Brem Foundation’s Re-Bra Initiative, which provides a way for breast surgery patients (and all women) to donate their gently used bras to women in need. We provide thorough dry cleaning to ensure that all donated bras are in good condition before reaching the recipients.
Again, we are honored to work with The Brem Foundation, and if you are interested in donating to them, check out their website here:!

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Have you ever wondered how safe your dry cleaning is? Probably not. It’s not something that most people think about.

But maybe it should be.

Most dry cleaners use perc (aka: tetrachloroethylene – a human carcinogen). It’s a petroleum-based cleaner that often leaves a strange smell on your clothes after they’ve been cleaned. When a person is exposed to perc, it can enter your bloodstream through your skin or through breathing it in, and can cause many health issues, ranging from cancer to eye problems.

This is dangerous for both workers and customers at dry cleaners around the world. It’s a concern for doctors, the EPA, and even OSHA! Not just that, dry cleaners who advertise as “organic” can use perc as well! Read our article here on the difference between organic and non-toxic when it comes to dry cleaning.

Here at Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners, we are very careful to use safe chemicals. We use the EcoTech System (read more about it here!) which uses a non-toxic, silicone solvent that is odor-free to clean your clothes.

Not only that, we are earth-friendly in our operations as a whole, following the EcoTech System. We use a tagless labeling system, saving on paper. We also send home clothing in re-usable garment bags, rather than plastic ones that just get thrown in the trash. Additionally, we invite the community to participate in our hanger recycling program. If you ask for a hanger caddy, you can start collecting clothing hangers yourself!

Our free delivery and pick-up service also helps the environment by reducing the number of unnecessary car rides. Our drivers efficiently pick up and drop off multiple bags of laundry, saving gasoline and reducing fuel emissions, one tank at a time. Our customers also love the added convenience!

Our goal is to provide you with a safe dry cleaning experience, and to reduce the amount of excess waste that pollutes the environment around us. Feel free to talk to us about how you can join us on our mission to a cleaner and safer planet!

Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners uses eco-friendly solutions to get rid of stains and professionally clean all types of garments. If you’d like to get your clothes dry cleaned, call us at 888-714-0070 or fill out our quick contact form here. Remember to ask about free pick-up and delivery!

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Oh no! You ripped your pants or lost a button on your favorite shirt! What’s the next step? Do you toss the item away or try to fix it? It’s always good to see if an item of clothing is salvageable before you throw it away. But then comes the question: Do you DIY it or give it to an expert to handle?

Here at Crest, we believe that you should take the best care of your clothing so it lasts a long time. This includes alterations. If you’re unsure whether to trust an item to an expert or to DIY, always choose a reputable expert. However, there are some things that are simple enough to DIY yourself, even if you don’t already know how to sew. In this article we discuss when to take your clothes to a tailor and when to fix it yourself.

Remember: In general, the more expensive the item, the more careful you should be. Don’t try to DIY an alteration on your $300 suit if you have never sewn before.

Missing Buttons & Too-Long Pants and Sleeves

These are easy sewing fixes—even if you’ve never sewn before you can look up a few tutorials and figure this out on your own. However, if you are unsure and you are dealing with an expensive or loved item of clothing, you may want to pay the tailor a visit.

Small Rips & Tears

Provided that the tears are parallel to a seam or near to it, this is also a simple beginner fix. If the tear is perpendicular to the nearest seam, the solution is a lot more difficult.

Hip or Waist Area of Pants

This tends to be a trickier area. Only very experienced sewers should attempt to alter the fit of the hips and waist on dress pants and even jeans.

Suits & Dress Shirts

Especially around the shoulders and collar, these are tricky alterations and should be left to a reputable professional.

Bust Alterations

For tops and dresses, bust alterations are also considered extremely complicated. We recommend you have a professional make this alteration.

There you have it! We hope that helps you decide whether or not to go to a tailor. We know that it’s a tough decision.

Here at Crest, we take the best care of clothes that come our way. We clean with gentle cleaners and also do alterations of any type! From missing buttons to suit alterations. Want to make sure your clothes fit right? Call us at 888-714-0070 or fill out our quick contact form today! You can also check out our alterations page, which shows all the locations you can get them at.

Summer has arrived! No matter what age you are, it’s time to enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities and special events. Of course, when you’re spending more time outside playing a round of golf or dancing at an outdoor wedding, you’ll start to notice grass stains show up on some of your favorite clothes. Wedding dresses, golf shirts, and other favorite wardrobe pieces can easily get a grass stain through the course of the day. To help you keep them looking like new, here are a few tips to remove the grass stains.

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For best results

If you want to keep your favorite clothes looking like new, then your best option is to go to a dry cleaner. Not only do they remove the stain using gentle yet effective cleaners, but they also utilize techniques that don’t require the fibers of the clothing to go under a lot of stress.

Plus, for the month of June, Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners has 25% off golf shirt cleaning! Save yourself time and money by taking advantage of this offer. You can use the coupon for home delivery or come by any of our locations.

For at-home results

It’s very important that you understand the type of fabric that you’ll be cleaning. If you have grass stains on the bottom of your wedding dress or other clothes that you want to last, take them to a professional dry cleaner to ensure the integrity of the material remains intact.

You’ll begin by treating the stain with a pre-wash product or a natural vinegar and water mixture. Once applied, let this sit for about 15 minutes. Then, scrub with a rag or toothbrush and wash with similar fabrics. While this method may reduce the appearance of grass stains, it doesn’t get your clothes looking like new. If you scrub too hard or use the wrong products, it can do more damage than the grass stain, so be mindful throughout each step.

Click to learn more about Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners’ 25% golf shirt cleaning and convenient services!



Image of a freshly made bed with pillows and comforter.

Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners can clean your comforters.

There’s a lot of laundry that can be done at home – and then there are those pieces that demand more attention. If you’ve never been confident with the level of clean when washing comforters at home or you’ve almost broken your washing machine trying to get the job done, it’s time to reach out to the pros at Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners.

Comforters are a challenging piece of laundry to clean and care for because they are larger than most blankets and made of specific materials. Whether you have premium down or king-sized comforters, a professional touch can get each corner of the fabric brilliantly cleaned and fluffed.
Here are a few tips to consider before you wash your next comforter.

Make sure you read the label

If the label says dry clean only, follow the instructions because a professional has the skills and equipment to keep the integrity of the material lasting. However, even if the comforter can be washed at home, the issue may be that your washing machine isn’t big enough to handle the load. Before attempting to clean it in the bathtub or lugging it to the laundry mat, save yourself the time and trouble and head to the dry cleaners.

Follow each step to the letter

When it comes to cleaning your premium down comforters, there are specific steps to follow. First, repair any stitching that is loose or fraying, and treat any stains using a cleaning product that doesn’t damage the down. Next, choose the proper water temperature and washing machine settings that are gentle yet effective. Then, dry the comforter using equipment and techniques that keep it from balling up or losing its fluff. Because down is a sensitive material, it’s crucial that you take care in each step to preserve it.

Enjoy the conveniences of dry cleaning

Don’t avoid going to the dry cleaners when you should embrace it! We have a convenient home delivery system that makes your life even easier when it comes to laundry. We also have a 24-hour drop box, same-day services, a mobile app, and more. Don’t stress about those large comforters made of premium materials like down. Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners is ready with all of the cleaning equipment, products, and techniques to get you the vibrant and clean results you love. Schedule a home pick-up today!


With the holidays just around the corner, and friends and family getting together for meals and gatherings at your home, you’ll find that stains become a little more complicated. Between cranberries, gravy, wine, oil-based dressings, candle wax and other festive foods, beverages, and decorations that come out this time of year, you’ll need to have a plan for getting your tablecloth cleaned and ready for the next get-together.

Plus, if you use a specific tablecloth that you bring out for Thanksgiving and other family-style meals in the next two months, it may need special care to ensure it doesn’t fade or have permanent stains. To help you tackle one of those troublesome spots, here is a little information to get candle wax off a tablecloth.

Steps to remove candle wax

Candles enhance the ambiance whether you are having a meal for two or you have a house full of people over for dinner. However, once the wax gets on the tablecloth, it can be a challenge to get out – especially if the wax has settled while everyone finishes their meals and desserts.

The first step is going to be to try to freeze the tablecloth. Once the wax is frozen, you can use a butter knife or a tool with a similar edge to scrape it off. Next, you can apply a paper bag to the wax spots and press an iron to it and the heat will help release the wax stain for the bag to absorbed it. Next, wash the tablecloth by itself in warm water to finalize the process.

Be mindful that when following these steps, you are also following the washing instruction as well. If you are not allowed to iron the tablecloth, then you’ll have to skip a step. While the cleaning technique has worked for many people, it isn’t always effective in getting the wax out depending on the severity of the stain.

Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners effortlessly removes stains

The sooner you start the process after noticing the wax, the better, but when you don’t want to pull the tablecloth off in the middle of the meal, you have a second (and less stressful) option versus doing it yourself. By deciding ahead of time that you are going to take your tablecloth to expert cleaners, you can enjoy the evening without worrying about stains like candle wax, dark colored beverages, gravy, and more because if it spills, you already have a plan.

Count on Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners to effortlessly remove stains after holiday gatherings! Our services are easy to use and affordable, and we provide conveniences like delivery services. Call 888-714-0070 or contact us today or when you are ready to get stains removed.

Store Smile

At Crest Advanced Dry Cleaning, we take pride in our name because it is an extension of the outstanding services that we provide. We don’t just call ourselves advanced – we show our customers that we are serious about their experience. We do this by providing dry cleaning services that go above and beyond the call of duty, and take convenience to the next level.

We want to be more than a one-time stop for you when you have dry cleaning needs. Our mission is to be your solution for stains, restorations, dry cleaning delivery, and beyond for years to come.

Our superior cleaning process

Our garment care specialists are highly skilled when it comes to removing unwanted stains and

odors, and our methods are nonabrasive, eco-friendly, and simply SAFER.

Our services are comprehensive and range from wedding dress restoration to rug cleaning to clothing stain removal, and our state of the art cleaning methods will leave your garments brighter because they get to the root of the stain and remove it with deep, yet gentle cleaning methods. Trust when you utilize our convenient services, you notice the Crest Advanced difference!

Showing customer appreciation

On top of our advanced services, friendly and well-trained staff, and results that you can see in each garment you bring to us, you also get the benefit of specials that are designed to save you money and show appreciation.

The Crest Concierge Home Delivery Service is another way we show you the advanced way we take care of our customers. We will deliver and pick up whatever you need dry cleaned, and this comes at no cost to you. This doesn’t just save you money – it saves you time (and a lot of headaches). Ask about our Crest Rewards program that gives you 1 point for every dollar in dry cleaning spent. Once you’ve accumulated 250 points, we reward you with $25 off your dry cleaning!

We also offer Same Day Service 6 days a week! Simply drop your garments off by 10am and they’ll be ready for pickup after 4pm.

Take advantage of our advanced dry cleaning services today, and see for yourself that we have more than a great name, but we apply care, skill, and integrity to everything we do. Sign up for FREE pickup and delivery today!

How to Care for Your Wedding Gown

A wedding gown is more than a dress from the memories that enter your mind when you see and touch it to the beautiful details that can make it more of a piece of art than clothing. For many women, preserving their wedding gown serves a variety of purposes such passing it down to your children and grandchildren, wearing it when you renew your vows, or simply trying it on from time to time to bring back the memories of that day. Whatever your reasons are for keeping and caring for your wedding gown over time, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Take proactive tips when you wear it

Before you even wear your wedding dress, you will want to make sure you are smart about getting ready. Make sure your nails are painted, and makeup is on before you put on the dress. If you have to put your gown on before makeup is applied, have a smock that covers the entire dress to ensure nothing happens.

Transport and hang it appropriately

You will want to ensure you can flatly transport the dress so that it doesn’t bunch up and wrinkle, or have beads get caught on one another in a way that can pull threads. When you hang it, make sure you hang it as high as possible and have a safe way to get it down. If the bottom of the carrier or bag is open, you can lay a towel or sheet on the floor for the dress to rest on.

Have it professionally cleaned and preserved

Make sure you don’t store your wedding dress in a plastic bag or carrier for a long period of time. You will find that moisture can creep in and create mildew and stains. As soon as you wear your gown, take it to a professional dry cleaner and have it cleaned and preserved for safe storage. You don’t want to let stains linger like grass marks or a small droplet of red wine because they will only become more settled in the dress and be stubborn to remove.

Store the wedding gown at the correct temperatures

You will want to store your wedding gown at living temperatures within your home because when it gets too humid or hot, discoloration can occur. Keep it away from places like the attic and put it an indoor closet, under the guest bed, or somewhere that it can rest properly as well as get the safer temperatures it needs to preserve beautifully.

If you have any questions about cleaning and preserving your wedding dress, contact Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners today by calling 888-714-0070 or click now!

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At Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners, we pride ourselves on delivering beautifully pressed garments to all of our customers. We’d hate to see you looking “unpressed” while away from home, so here we share USA Today’s tips on “How to win the war on wrinkled clothes“. Safe travels and be sure to schedule your home pickup for your dirty laundry bag when you return!

As the chill of winter fills the air, you will find yourself in need of a few key clothing essentials to help you fight off this cold weather. Dressing the part is important when trying to get ahead in the world of business. You will need to portray an image of professionalism and class in order to show clients you are the real deal. If you are looking for some professional pieces to add to your winter work wardrobe, be sure to check out the list below.

A Nice Wool Overcoat

One of the best materials to use when trying to fight off the cold of winter is wool. Investing in a nice wool overcoat is an excellent way to stay warm and look great while doing it. When trying to select the right overcoat, be sure to get measured by a tailor. The tailor will be able to give you your exact measurements, which will make it much easier on you to get an overcoat that fits snug. Choosing a darker color for your new woolen overcoat will allow you to wear it with a wide variety of suits, ties and pants.

Accessorizing With a Scarf

Another great way to add a bit of appeal to your winter business attire is by selecting the right scarf. One of the biggest mistakes most people make when choosing scarfs is staying safe with the coloring. While the base color of the scarf will need to be a neutral color, let your creativity shine through when choosing the accent colors. Choose bright, bold accent colors to liven up your business outfits and attract a bit of attention in the process.

Don’t Forget About Your Briefcase

When dealing with snowy weather, you will need to find a way to keep all of your important documents safe. Without a durable briefcase, you may lose valuable information due to water getting on your documents. Selecting the right briefcase will require you to think about what type of look you are going for. Leather is always a great briefcase material option due to the resiliency and appeal it has to offer. Try a Tumi brand briefcase for functionality or style, or go all out with a Louis Vuitton.
Keeping your new winter clothing clean can be made a lot easier when using Crest Cleaners. We take the time to clean your clothing and remove any stains that may be present.