We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, the world of dry cleaning is shrouded in mystery and this leads to all kinds of misinformation on what goes into the process and what things need to be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is an absolute must for certain fabrics and highly recommended for others, but if you’re the type that enjoys doing your own laundry, then what can you handle at home?

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These Fabrics & Garments Don’t Need Dry Cleaning

Cotton Shirts

Your average, day-to-day cotton t-shirts don’t need the specialized dry cleaning process. However, depending on how careful you are when wearing them, they might benefit from a professional stain removal if you encounter accidents.

Synthetic Clothes

Garments made from materials like polyester, nylon, spandex, acrylic, and acetate aren’t in danger from a domestic washer, though the dryer might cause problems if it’s too hot. Giving these clothes a long, low dry is the way to go if you can’t hang dry them. 

Painted Fabrics 

Whether it’s a hand crafted piece you bought from an artisan or that college intramural shirt you just can’t part with, caring for painted fabrics can be confusing. Because their designs are delicate, many think these garments must be dry cleaned. Similar to our advice on synthetic clothes, beware heat and hang dry whenever possible to preserve the painted designs.

Knit Fabrics

In addition to linens, knit fabrics common in sweaters are another fabrication that folks highly recommend taking the cleaners. Depending on the quality of the garment, though, your cozy sweater may be able to stay at home. They aren’t without their own special care and can’t be treated the same as your jeans or pajamas. Due to this extra care, many find it worth it to bring their sweaters to their local cleaners anyway.

You Should Dry Clean These Fabrics & Garments

Delicate or Speciality Fabric

These materials include things like silk, velvet, wool, and leather. Upscale fabrics— such as chiffon, velvet, and merino wool – should also be brought to a professional cleaning service to preserve their natural luster and form. These are perhaps the fabrics that make most people go, “uhhh…” so it’s just common sense to bring them to your local dry cleaner.

Anything you want to keep its form and color quality

Lastly, anything you want help in making it last should be brought to the cleaners. Expensive professional attire is just one example, but maybe you have a favorite casual shirt that you wear on repeat that we could help with.
While everything we listed in that first section doesn’t need to be dry cleaned, it doesn’t mean it can’t be dry cleaned or that other laundry services at your local cleaners would be helpful to you. If you want the best possible care for your garment to increase its longevity, bring it in. Or, if the care instructions on the tag have you feeling overwhelmed, we’d be happy to handle the laundry.

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Clean Your Student’s Uniform at Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners

It’s the start of a brand new school year, and with it comes lots of laundry. School uniforms, football jerseys, and cheerleading outfits that suddenly need to be cared for. On top of that, parents’ lives become more hectic as the obligations of our children multiply. Finding a stress-free solution to getting everything done during this hectic time might seem impossible, but there are many options available to simplify your life without sacrificing quality. For a reliable, thorough solution to your uniform-cleaning woes, dry cleaning is a great option to consider.

Why is dry cleaning more effective?

Especially if you’re pressed for time, throwing everything in the washing machine might seem like the best way to go. However, for items that are important to you and your family, dry cleaning is truly the best solution to preserve quality, prevent shrinkage, and keep frequently-worn garments practically as good as new. Sporting outfits will shine under spotlights, and daily school uniforms will continue to look fresh and sharp, even as the semesters fly by.

Is it worth adding another errand to my list?

While the thought of having to run around to another location to drop off and pick up your items might be a deterrent, today there is a better option that makes high-quality dry cleaning services available to you, without any stress. The Crest Concierge Home Delivery  service makes it possible for your laundry to be collected from your home, dry cleaned by experts, and dropped back off—no hassle, and no additional cost.

As your kids head back to school, Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners has the solutions to all of your dry cleaning needs. For more information regarding the services available to simplify your life, do not hesitate to contact us.